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The Apple Vision Pro has arrived, and with it, a wave of excitement and curiosity about the future of virtual and augmented reality. But is this first-generation device worth the hefty price tag and the literal weight on your head? Let’s dive into the key points from a recent user review to help you decide.

Key Take Aways :

Immersive Experience, Heavy Price Tag:

The reviewer is impressed by the Vision Pro’s display, calling it the “best-looking micro OLED display” they’ve ever seen. The hand controls and passthrough technology are also praised for creating a truly immersive experience. However, the biggest hurdle might be the price tag – a whopping $3,500. This immediately puts the Vision Pro out of reach for most casual users.

Early Adopter Playground, Comfort Concerns:

If you’re an early adopter with VR/AR aspirations, the Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the future. The reviewer enjoys the unique media experiences and games designed specifically for the headset. However, comfort is a major concern. The headset is heavy, and the default strap isn’t the most comfortable for long wear. The included alternative strap helps, but it sacrifices convenience and aesthetics.

App Gap and Battery Blues:

 Promising first-generation product with the potential to evolve into something truly groundbreaking. They compare it to the early iterations of successful Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, highlighting the potential for future improvements. But the question remains: will the VR headset market attention benefit more affordable competitors like the Quest 3? And will developer attention bring enough compelling apps to justify the Vision Pro’s price tag?

Apple Vision Pro: Key Points from User Review


Good first-generation product with potential, but has limitations.

Not recommended for everyone, but menarik for specific use cases.


  • Display: Best-looking micro OLED display, sharp and immersive.
  • Passthrough: Best passthrough of any headset, feels like looking through real world.
  • Ecosystem: Tight integration with Apple devices and services.
  • FaceTime: Unique and well-designed for VR calls.
  • Mac Virtual Display: Expands Mac workspace virtually, creates unique experience.


  • Weight and Comfort: Can be uncomfortable for long wear.
  • App Selection: Limited number of native apps, mostly iPad apps compatible.
  • Battery Life: Requires frequent charging.
  • Price: Expensive, may not be worth it for most users.
  • Field of View: Smaller than competitors, limits immersion.

Other Interesting Points:

  • Hand occlusion and object tracking not perfect in low light.
  • Developers still exploring creative uses for VR/AR space.
  • User prefers Mac Virtual Display over watching movies.
  • User had an experience where the headset blurred reality/virtuality.


  • Fun, first-generation product with potential, but expensive and has limitations.
  • Not recommended for everyone, but menarik for specific use cases and early adopters.


  • Fun and immersive media experiences, especially those built specifically for Vision Pro.
  • Unique hand controls and 3D space manipulation.
  • Large virtual screen for private entertainment on planes or travel.


  • Expensive ($3,500).
  • Heavy and uncomfortable for long wear, especially with the default strap.
  • Limited app selection, mostly relies on compatible iPad apps.
  • Short battery life.
  • Eye tracking on exterior not very visible or useful.

Other Interesting Points:

  • User is enjoying early VR/AR games and media created for Vision Pro.
  • User believes future generations will improve on current limitations.
  • User compares Vision Pro to early versions of successful Apple products like iPhone and iPad.
  • Questions whether VR headset market attention will benefit competitors like Quest 3.
  • Unsure if developer attention will bring more compelling apps to justify Vision Pro’s price.

The Verdict: Not for Everyone, But Intriguing Nonetheless:

The Apple Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the exciting future of VR/AR, but its limitations – weight, comfort, app selection, battery life, and price – hold it back from being a must-have for everyone. If you’re an early adopter with deep pockets and a thirst for VR/AR exploration, it might be worth considering. But for most users, waiting for the next generation, with its likely improvements and hopefully lower price point, might be the wiser choice.

The Apple Vision Pro is a new virtual reality headset that has been recently released. The reviewer has been using the headset for the past two weeks and has found that it has both upsides and downsides.

Some of the upsides of the Apple Vision Pro include the immersive display, hand control, pass through, and spatial audio. The reviewer found that the display is the best-looking micro OLED display they have ever seen, and that the eye tracking helps to improve immersion by rendering only what the user is looking at in high resolution. The pass through is also very good, and the reviewer found that it felt like they were looking through the headset at the real world. Finally, the spatial audio is also impressive, and the reviewer found that it helped to create a more immersive experience.

Some of the downsides of the Apple Vision Pro include the weight, comfort, app selection, battery life, and price. The reviewer found that the headset is quite heavy and can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. The app selection is also still limited, although this is likely to improve over time. The battery life is not great, and the reviewer found that they needed to charge the headset after a few hours of use. Finally, the price is quite high, and the reviewer believes that it is not worth the price for most people.

Overall, the reviewer believes that the Apple Vision Pro is a good first-generation product with a lot of potential. However, it also has some flaws that need to be addressed before it can be considered a truly great product.

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